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Keeping you up to date on Polly

Over the past ~10 months since the App vNext team has taken over the Polly project from its creator and genius master mind, Michael Wolfenden, Polly has undergone an incredible amount of growth (15 releases in that time!). We've since set up the project Wiki, created a sample project to help you quickly get started, and have even started dipping our toes into expanding our communication channels with our users via Slack.

All of these resources help foster open communication with the Polly community of developers, but we were really lacking a free-form, interactive (via comments) platform to delve into what we're working on in greater detail. This is why I am now writing my first blog post on our new site: My hope is that with it, we will be able to more effectively communicate the future of Polly, as well as any tips & tricks that might help you make the best of our little library. More importantly, we want to be able to add one more lane of communication that will allow you to reach out to the team and participate in taking Polly to the next level.

Please visit often or follow our RSS feed, if that's your thing. Either way, we're thrilled to have you, and hope we can make this a great experience for all involved!

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Joel Hulen is the lead maintainer of Polly, a senior member of the App vNext team, and a partnering consultant with Solliance. He's passionate about development and fostering open source communities.